Advantages of  Hyperthermia “Thermotron RF8” over other Hyperthermia devices

  1. Thermotron RF8 is the only 8 MHz Radio Frequency (RF) Device, the technology which has several advantages; Increasing the cooling ability of the overlay bolus circulating liquid by the external cooling unit is carried out to prevent over heating the subcutaneous fatty layer. Using this external cooling unit, the cooling ability has been significantly improved at a depth of 1.5cm from the surface in the agar phantom experiments. In clinical studies, we increased the RF out put by over 50% even in cases of subcutaneous fatty layer over 2cm. Increasing the cooling ability of the over lay bolus circulating liquid is considered an effective method for deep Hyperthermia

  1. Thermotron RF 8 has been approved to be used in any hospital clinic set up and without any need for any additional shielding protection such as thick walls etc, avoiding additional infrastructure, space and maintenance expenses as well as installation time.
  1. Thermotron RF8 has been in use for more than 35 years with 120 installations in 7 Countries and more than 100 peer reviewed publications in English language.
  1. There are Similar Hyperthermia equipment are available which have been approved only for a limited type of cancers. But, Thermotron RF8 has been approved in Japan for all types of solid tumours except that of eye and brain, making its utility to large number of patients.
  1. Thermotron RF8 is the only device with its different types of electrodes in combination has the capability of addressing most of the solid tumours in any part of the body; whereas other systems may require different equipment/machines depending upon the depth of the tumour, whether superficial or deep seated.
  1. The Patient can undergo this treatment with other cancer treatments such as Radiotherapy or Chemotherapy concurrently. Our Thermotron RF 8 doesn’t require any general or regional anaesthesia while undergoing the treatment