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It has been widely recognized that Chemotherapy of cancer has profound toxic side effects and has limitations in its efficacy. Radiotherapy is also a very effective mode of treatment in certain types of cancer, with its own adverse effects as well. These two modalities affect not only the cancer affected cells, but also the normal cells.

In the beginning in Immunotherapy, treatments involved administration of cytokines such as Interleukins with an aim of inducing the lymphocytes which will carry their activity of destroying the tumor cells. Thereafter the adverse effects of such intravenously administered cytokines lead to the extraction of the lymphocytes from the blood, activating them, multiplying them in numbers and injected back into the body to destroy the cancer cells.  and culture-expand them in the lab and then to inject the cells alone enable them destroy the cancer cells.

Immuno Cell therapy is a promising new addition to the family of cancer treatments that includes surgery, chemotherapy, and radiotherapy and cancer vaccines. This mode of treatment uses the body's immune system either directly or indirectly to fight cancer by enhancing the immune mechanisms of the body. As this therapy uses only the patientís own cells for treatment, it is very safe and doesn't result in any allergy or any side effects and combining this with the conventional therapy (ies) appropriately as per the patientís condition, type of cancer and regimen of chemo/radio therapies, improves the outcome. As the immune cells of the patient upon transfusion donít affect the normal functioning cells of the body, it is furthermore safe.

The Immunotherapy is the most natural of present treatments available for cancer and since it strengthens the body’s immune system it can even decrease the side effects of other cancer treatments which are used along with Immunotherapy.