Significance of the name AiET

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There are several components in the immune system. There are both direct and indirect ways of enhancing and activating the immune system of the cancer patients to tackle cancer and hence the term "Immunotherapy" covers several approaches such as:

1. Herbal formulations and that of alternative systems of medicine, nutraceuticals etc which when consumed may indirectly boost the immune system

2. The injection of compounds that increase or stimulate the cytokines or injection of cytokines themselves to activate the immune system in an indirect manner

The above approaches mainly activate the immune system indirectly

3. The infusion of allogeneic immune cells and immune activators have also been tried earlier

The name AIET which stands for Autologous Immune Enhancement Therapy was coined for the following reasons:

Whats unique about this technology?

  • The process of in vitro expansion of NK cells and CTLs/ATLs is a patented one by the founders of this proprietary technology
  • The culture media are carefully selected and tested for optimal growth of concerned cells in the lab before application for the in vitro expansion
  • We don't use any feeder layer for in vitro expansion of patients immune cells


About the AiET LOGO