About the AiET LOGO

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Cancer as a disease is symbolically represented by CRAB for several reasons:

Etymologically, CANCER in Latin means "Crab" and in ancient Greek, the word KARKINOMA means "Crab"

Author of the Physicians Oath, Hippocrates (BC 460-377), the greek physician, described the swollen blood vessels radiating from breast tumors as though they resemble the limbs of a crab and therefore he called it "Karkinoma" meaning Crab in Greek

Historically, the word Cancer was used by Pliny (Gaius Plinius Secundus; AD23-79 Author of Naturalis Historia) to imply a malignant tumour.

The AiET logo has been designed as a chimera of a Crab, which is historically the symbol for cancer and a Scorpion, to imply:

The axe shaped "i" of the AiET totally piercing through the crab-scorpion chimera implies a comprehensive approach to cancer, which we believe is possible only by exploring and empowering our immune system. Though the conventional treatments which handle each tentacle of the crab are essential, the ultimate victory cannot be achieved without our immune system.